A Professional OEM Manufacturer in Gig Bags and Cases

Founded in 1997, Kingstar was an OEM manufacturer, professional dedicated to travel luggage, yoga bags and other different kinds of outdoor bags. By coincidence, we cooperated with Ritter in 1998, owing to our rich experience and fine craftsmanship in manufacturing outdoor bags, which prompted the transformation of Kingstar and after that we became a professional bags and cases manufacturer of musical industry. From 2001 to 2006, we also worked with many other brands OEM orders which included Tribal Planet, TKL and GEWA.

Birth of Crossrock™

During 2006 to 2007, we faced a bottleneck time though our business seemed to proceed smoothly at that time. When it came to 2007, we suffered from a difficult time, prompting us to find a breakthrough eagerly.

All of that gave the birth of our own brand-Crossrock™. By the end of 2007, our first completely designed guitar bag- CRDG300 Series guitar bag was came out, which we had put a lot of energy to design and improve. The debut of this series in Flankfurt Musikmesse 2008 earned Crossrock™ a great deal of orders. Since then, a new period of Crossrock™, is ushered in.

Now, the product lines of Crossrock™ bags and cases have been extended to almost all of the music instruments, such as guitar & fretted, strings, brass & woodwind, drum, keyboard and accessories, which contains gig bags, semi-hard cases, wooden cases, ABS cases, fiberglass case, carbon fiber cases and so on.

Mission to a better Future

2014 is our milestone year. Not only because we have develop several series products lines, but also we have successfully built up a stable foundation of our distribution network. Meantime, our team became larger and larger and we never stop making a little progress in each step. We are on the way to become a better one in the field of producing and designing music instruments bags and cases. We aspire to innovate more, grow better and will never halt our feet on the way of innovation.

What does Crossrock™ Mean?

When we decide to stop almost OEM project and launch our brand “Crossrock” during 2006 to 2007, actually it was very tough time to us. The stagnation of business and the rocketing cost of brand promotion made Kingstar suffer from a slump.

However, there is a revelation from Bible that helps us find a new way to restart: "ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you." We always believe, as long as we are keep in faith and never stop pursuing, God will rock our soul and change our life as he is a Rock, and this is where the Rock comes from -it means faith, action, and persistence.

When the love and music cross heart in deep, you will touch her and Crossrock™ will dedicated to do anything to protect your instruments. Cross my heart, rock your style. Crossrock™ is our mission and pursue. We are searching for inspiration to create instrument bags and cases designs which is totally unique, functional and can give customers more choices of colors and individualities. Crossrock™ is not just a bags and cases manufacturer. We can give you more.

Crossrock, cross my heart, rock your style!



Since 1998 Kingstar Intl Co. Ltd already have been a professional music instruments

bags and cases manufacturer.

Crossrock Era

When we decided launch our own brand-Crossrock™ in 2007,actually we were in our hard times. However, Crossrock™ gave our new hope .We put all of our energy to design and develop our own products and it led a new success to us. We were reborn again.

We Pay Attention To Details In Each Step Of Manufacturing.

Supply Chain

Now the product lines of Crossrock™ has been extended from gig bags to various bags and cases of guitar & fretted, strings, brass & woodwind, drum, keyboard and accessories. With efficient production lines and sufficient raw materials, we can offer you a better choice to choose our products, original in design, high in quality and affordable in price.

Our Exhibition

Since 2006 Crossrock™ started to attend The NAMM show and Flankfurt Musickmesse. By now,Crossrock™ have established distribution market in more than 20 countries, major large market including U.S.A., Canada, Japan, German, UK, Australia, etc. We dedicate ourselves to created more product, offer the best custom experience to you and sincerely hope to establish long business relationship with you.